Take a look at some of the initiatives we are running to waste less.

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Can we lead the way in Plastic Reduction

We are very lucky to be part of the forward thinking university of NUI Galway, with an open minded, informed & aware student body, based in a country that has shown in the past that we can be progressive & at the forefront of change.


Zero Landfill

We are ZERO landfill in An Bhialann.

This means no waste gets sent to landfill. Instead, we send our waste to be converted into energy to power over 80,000 homes in Ireland.

Check out our recycling station in An Bhialann and choose the correct area when disposing of your waste.


Fully Biodegradable Cups

We have replaced all of our coffee cups at Aspretto Coffee Dock with fully biodegradable, disposable alternatives.

Customers who bring a travel mug with them will also get 20c off their purchase for not using single use plastic.


No Plastic Cutlery or Containers

We have removed all plastic knives, forks and other cutlery.

We have replaced them with recyclable wooden alternatives.

U unlike traditional plastics which are derived from petroleum and non-renewable, wooden cutlery is sustainable and recyclable

It's probably impossible to totally eliminate plastic from our lives, but there are important steps we can take to reduce the amount of plastic we use. Let's push to the forefront again and make the changes now while we still can.   Although there's plastic all around us, there doesn't have to be. Look for plastic alternatives whenever possible. When there's no reasonable alternative to plastic, be sure to recycle the plastic you use rather than simply throwing it in the trash.