Discover our efforts to promote sustainability and minimize waste through various initiatives.

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We Can Lead The Way in Plastic Reduction

We are very lucky to be part of the forward thinking at University of Galway, with an open minded, informed & aware student body, based in a country that has shown in the past that we can be progressive & at the forefront of change.


Zero Landfill

Embrace a greener future at An Bhialann with our Zero Landfill initiative. Here, we take waste reduction seriously and ensure that nothing ends up in a landfill.

Instead, our waste is converted into energy to power homes across Ireland, reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a sustainable future.

Be sure to use our on-site recycling station and make the right choice for our planet when disposing of your waste.


Fully Biodegradable Cups

Say goodbye to single-use plastic at Aspretto Coffee Dock. Our commitment to sustainability starts with our fully biodegradable coffee cups, providing an eco-friendly solution for your caffeine fix.

If you bring your own travel mug, you'll not only reduce your carbon footprint but also receive a 20c discount on your purchase. Join us in our mission for a greener future.


No Plastic Cutlery or Containers

Reduce your environmental impact at An Bhialann with our switch to recyclable wooden cutlery, replacing traditional petroleum-based plastic utensils.
By choosing this sustainable option, we are doing our part to create a waste-free environment and promote a greener future

Making a difference starts with small steps. At An Bhialann, we strive to reduce our plastic usage and promote sustainability. While it may not be possible to eliminate plastic completely, we can actively seek out alternatives and properly recycle when necessary. Let's take the lead and make a positive impact on the environment now, before it's too late.