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Freshers Guide to Freshers Week

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

A no frills, what you need to know guide to sail through NUIG Freshers week 2019

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Right, first things first, NUI Galway is not as big as you think, you'll find your way around in no time, and the big yellow thing, is just called the Big Yellow Thing!

There's a lot of information out there so here it is in some simple English to help you save time on the boring bits, and make more time for the fun bits.


Everyone's gotta register, get it done here > http://www.nuigalway.ie/registration/

You're going to need your log-ins which by default are your CAO number for username and "galwayddmm" date and month of your birthday for your password. You'll need to upload a photo of yourself which will be on your student card when you get it and you'll also need to pay the registration fees to complete the process. Any questions? Find your answers here... http://www.nuigalway.ie/startinguniversity/

Here's a little checklist of what you need to do.

Once registered you can collect your student card on dates specified by your course, find out your dates here > http://www.nuigalway.ie/registration/quick-links/id-cards/

Pick up your card in Aras Ui Chathail which looks like this...

Aras Ui Chathail. Upstairs for student cards

It's close to Sult (College Bar) and you probably know where that is don't you?

Don't forget to bring a form of ID or you won't get your card.

Finding Something to Eat

It's hard to explain how important your diet is going to be during your time in university, so at the risk of sounding like your mammy, make an effort to eat healthily and regularly. You don't even have to leave campus!

An Bhialann (Ur)

Find us in the heart of NUI Galway, directly below the James Hardiman Library. The biggest place on campus to meet up with friends and grab something to eat.

Open from 07:30 with barista coffee and a range of breakfast options until 11:30, whether it be with us or not, be sure to eat breakfast at the very least.

Plus you can grab a Full Irish here for as little as €4.50.

Stick around for lunch from 11:30-19:00 during term time. There's something for everyone from our daily salad bar with plenty of vegan and vegetarian friendly options available, our Sub Sandwich bar called Sub Central, our street food counters in the food court, pizza, traditional hot lunches and more! Check out our facebook page for more info, giveaways, competitions etc.


Also look out for our Bialann Books, they're free and full of money off vouchers for An Bhialann and selected businesses in Galway.


You're going to need to print stuff. Simple as. Some students have been known to buy their own cheap printer and keep it at home, we'll let the math students work out the finances on that one but there's one option.

Alternatively, once you have your student card you can load print credit on to it. This is pretty handy if you can afford to spare a bit of cash. What this does is it allows you to print in the library, reading room, computer suites etc, essentially by swiping your card over the printer. There's instructions beside printers, you're in college now, you'll figure it out from there.

Rates are as follows...

Load print credit here > https://printcredit.nuigalway.ie/webcentre/

Load print credit here > https://printcredit.nuigalway.ie/webcentre/

Another alternative is to go to MediaLinn, located next to An Bhialann Restaurant below the James Hardiman Library.

MediaLinn has you covered for all of your printing needs. It's a pay as you go system so no need to load up any printing credit here. If you need something printed, bound, copied, anything tech etc, these guys are great!

The Fun Stuff

Freshers week is packed full of events for you guys to enjoy. Without going into too much detail, have a look for yourself and see what tickles your fancy...

You can grab a copy of the Bialann Books at our stand at the Fun Fair and Global Fun Fest on Wednesday & Thursday. You can also decorate your own doughnut and scoff that if you fancy something sweet.

We're also hosting The Big Fat Failte Quiz on Wednesday 4th in An Bhialann. Two words - Free Food!

But much more than this, it's a great way to meet new people, have some fun and win some cool prizes.

Clubs Day & Societies Day are the 10th & 11th of September respectively . We would encourage you to go and sign up to anything that even slightly interests you. Joining a club or society is possibly the best way to meet new people that share a common interest as yourself, and again...free stuff!! They take place in Aras Na Mac Leinn beside Sult.


There's going to be loads going on in the Galway nightlife scene in September, there always is. Our good friends over at Four Four and Electric Garden got you covered for Freshers week with great music every night. Get your free entry voucher in this years Bialann Student Voucher Book.

The most important thing to remember is to be mindful of yourself and drink responsibly. Take a taxi home for Gods sake!

Big O Taxi: 091 58 58 58

City Taxis Galway: 091 52 52 52

Student Information Desk

Basically, get on to them for any questions or concerns you might have, they are amazing and will do everything they can to help.

Email: sid@nuigalway.ie

Telephone: 091 495999 Fax: 353 91 495525


And finally, welcome to NUI Galway, you're going to have a blast!


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